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This is my implementation of Conway's Game of Life principles. Essentially it tries to model single cell organisms. The rules describe when a cell is born or dies according to the state of it's eight neighbour cells.

You can look up the principle and exact rules on Wikipedia.

The game (or simulation) allows you to add and change cells, put in some predefined patterns and start/stop the simulation.

It's fun to watch how patterns emerge, and sometimes go into looping stages.

This project is also available on my personal homepage.

You can freely use and modify this for any purpose you want. The simulation is totally free and open source released under the un-restrictive MIT License.

No payment required. No advertisements in the game. No additional software installed with this game.

Links of interest

Wikipedia on Game of Life.
Godot game engine.
Source code on Github.

Other Game of Life games

You may also want to check out other people's games or simulations build on these principles.

Blocks of Life by Bit Outside the Box.

Install instructions

Either: Download the "setup-" file and follow the install procedure. Creates a proper installed application you can remove again.

Or: Download and unzip the zip-file into a folder of your choice. Run the application (the EXE file).
Depending on your Windows version or local restrictions, you may need to specifically allow running unsigned applications.

There are only two files in the zip as well as the setup file. The EXE file, and a TXT file.


setup-game-of-life-simulation-1.0.0-win32.exe 3 MB
game-of-life-simulation-1.0.0-win32.zip 5 MB

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